Get Both Security & Privacy With Our Pressure & Light Resistant Security Film

Security Film Window Tinting, South Bend, IndianaDo you need to secure your file room? Have your accountants been complaining about working in a room that has very little light and feels like a jail cell? Well, we have a solution for you. Obviously, the first step is moving your finance department, or records keeper into a room that actually feel habitable rather than being four solid walls, but once that is done, we will step in. Ascott Window Tinting has a security film that is designed to not only limit the amount of sunlight and other non-organic light that comes through a window, but is also designed for security in mind.

What does that mean, security in mind? Our security film is designed to add more stability and pressure resistance to the window so that accidents against them are less likely to damage the window itself. It is a very cost effective solution to ensuring that your office’s windows are more secure, as well as mitigating the sunlight that can penetrate your offices. Any firm or business that has a need for a secure office setting and needs to create privacy for their client’s records, this is a phenomenal opportunity for them.

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