Security Film For Any Weather Conditions – Extreme or Mild

Security Film Window Tinting, Michigan City, IndianaOne of the primary reasons that we advocate our security film for prospective clients is that we live in an area where natural hazards are inevitable. Indiana is home to an environment that can change in an instant with heavy winds, tornadoes and even the occasional blizzard. To best protect your property, whether a business or home, we recommend a couple easy products for them. Our security film has been designed to easily adhere to your windows, and with the chemical makeup of this film, create a stability and force absorbing effect whenever heavy, window rattling winds roll through.

The way the polymers have been bonded together allows the film to absorb the shock of the winds against the glass and spread it out to remove the great quantities of pressure that might other shatter a window. It is also very easy for us to install, once we have the correct measurements of the windows we are putting the security film on, as there is an adhesive coat that we apply to make it stick against your windows. This has the added benefit of making it semi-permanent and adding value to your property.

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