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Security Film Window Tinting - Chesterton, IndianaOur clients are those who come from all different backgrounds, but we would like to speak to those in the financial and security industries, as well as anyone who requires large amounts of privacy. Many offices, hospitals and other agencies keep private information from their clients, staff or patients on site and need a good way to keep it secure. Ascott Window Tinting has a great product that allows you to create that sense of privacy in those areas while not necessarily having to wall them in and make them tiny fortresses inside your office. The product we use that gives you this benefit is our security film.

What is a security film? A security film is a piece of underlayment that we apply to a window that makes it more secure and blocks much of the light coming through the window. Bear in mind that this does not block out all light that comes through, and will still allow a degree of light in that room so whoever enters can still see in it. But this security film also prohibits outside viewers from seeing the documents and files inside that room, and also secures the window further.

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