Residential Window Tinting

Unfortunately, the sun that brightens a home also exposes your interior furnishings to damaging UV light and heat. This causes unwanted fading of carpets, draperies, upholstery fabrics, custom paint & wood finishes.

Additionally, solar heat increases the temperature inside your home causing more air conditioning usage and, consequently, higher electrical costs. Fortunately, Ascott Window Tinting provides you with an easy, cost effective solution. Applied to the inside glass surface window tint will allow you varying degrees of light to pass through your windows providing the following benefits:

  • Window tint will reduce up to 99% of UV rays. Not only will window tint help prevent your valuable furnishings from becoming dull and faded, but it will also help protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.
  • Window tint will block up to 80% of solar energy that enters your home so your home keeps cool and comfortable. You’ll no longer have to needlessly throw away money on expensive energy bills.
  • Window tint will reduce up to 85% of annoying glare and reflections that enter your home. This means you can spend more time comfortably at your computer, watching television, or simply reading even when the sun is streaming into the room.

Understanding that window tinting has multiple benefits that can make your life more bearable in saving you money on bills, and creating a more comfortable living and working environment should give you the knowledge you need to get new window tinting. Here are some additional reasons you should consider Ascott Window Tinting for your residential window tinting needs!