Is Your Commercial Window Tinting Not As Effective As It Once Was?

Commercial Window Tinting - South Bend, IndianaAround the South Bend area there are countless office complexes, and just a short drive away is downtown Chicago with it’s high-rises and towers. One of the most common services we provide is to those office buildings to install commercial window tinting. Now, commercial window tinting is unfortunately not something that can be done once and then forgotten about because it is permanent. Over time the adhesive that makes the tinting stick to the window wears out and the tinting crumples, in addition to the fading of the window tinting. The fading takes a while to be sure, but when it does you will notice immediately.

You office that was perfectly lit will suddenly be very sunny and the people who wash your windows from the scaffolding will no longer be blurry figures, but recognizable individuals. The commercial window tinting on office buildings helps maintain the mystery of what goes on inside them from an outsider’s perspective, and that can only be a good thing for many of those businesses. If you are noticing some air bubbles on your windows, or what looks like lines appearing, those are good signs that the tinting is fading and the adhesive is wearing off. Call Ascott Window Tinting to remedy that situation. Read more about what commercial window tinting can do for your company!

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