Commercial Window Tinting

Whether you run a small business or billion-dollar corporation, you do what it takes to protect your bottom line. So why overlook a simple measure that could save you thousands in valuable profit dollars, every year? In every season solar heat pours in through unprotected windows, causing uneven temperatures, hot spots and a never-ending battle with the thermostat. By having Tint installed, you’ll be keeping nearly 80 percent of solar energy out of your building. Find out why Ascott Window Tinting is your best choice for commercial window tinting installation.

Window Tinting For Office Buildings

Reduce Annoying Glare Whether your glare problem originates from direct sun light, or reflections from cars windshields, water or surrounding buildings, adding window tint to your building is an ideal solution. Not only is glare bothersome, but also it’s harmful and tiring to the eyes. Enhance the Beauty of your building & Privacy the attractive hues of window tint lend the perfect aesthetic complement to any building, regardless of size or architectural design.

Business Energy Savings

You can also save money on energy costs with the proper window tinting.   Coming in a wide variety of colors to choose from, window tint is the perfect retrofit solution for any business, from a storefront or bistro to a corporate skyscraper. Plus there are reflective versions that provide an added degree of privacy by preventing outsiders from viewing in. Learn some more window tinting facts that could help you save money!