A Message From The Owner of Ascott Window Tinting

“I enjoy the challenges of meeting each of my customers window protection needs, from the moment you call my office, until I clean up after the installation. I am ready to prove that Ascott is the best of the best when it comes to service of window film installation anywhere. I am proud of my reputation for being the best in residential and commercial installations since 1986.”

- From The Owner Scott Johnson

Why Ascott Window Tinting?

  • Window tint that last for many years!
  • Experience – In business since 1986!
  • High quality and high tech tint available!
  • Same day service available!

LaPorte’s Premier Window Tinting Company

Premier window tinting company in the La Porte, and surrounding Indiana area. See what our products can do, and how Ascott can be of service to you.


Window tinting facts:

  • Protects Furnishings and Floors
    Professionally installed window films block out 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that ordinary windows allow in. That means that draperies, wood furniture, upholstery and carpeting will last longer due to less fading and degrading.
  • Provides Comfort
    Window film reflects the hot sun in the summer, retains heat in the winter and keeps you comfortable all year round. The space, whether it is a residence or a business, is more comfortable because the temperature is even throughout. The film reduces the cold and hot spots.
  • Saves Energy
    Ordinary glass allows for radiant heat loss. The protective barrier of window films allows for lower energy costs by rejecting the sun’s heat during the warmer months and retaining the heat during the cold months.
  • Reduces Glare
    Quality window film deflects glare in showrooms, storefronts, waiting areas and restaurants making it easier to see computer screens and for employees and patrons to be more comfortable. At home, the films can make it easier to see your TV and work at your computer.
  • Provides Safety Against Theft, Natural Disasters and Explosions
    The quality films Ascott Window Tinting uses meet or exceed the requirements of more US and international standards for safety and security than anyone. These films prevent glass from shattering minimizing injury to those nearby as well as minimizing serious structural damage.
  • Improves Low E Glass
    Low E glass can benefit from window films as well. Most low E glass filters only a portion of the UV rays. The strongest and most damaging still get through. Window film can virtually eliminate the remaining UV while increasing the efficiency of the glass.


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e-glass-001Ascott is the primary dealer in this area for the full Panorama line of solar control window films and the complete Armorcoat Safety and Security Film line, both of which are manufactured by Bekaert, a world group company internationally known in the marketplace as the leader in the industry.

The Panorama films by Bekaert are remarkable; they are not only the best quality; they offer the best and most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Panorama window films are composed of 100% sputter-metallized, optically clear polyester, laminated with special strong adhesives and finished with a durable, scratch resistant coating. Selection of film varies based on location and solutions to your specific issues. Immediately after installation, the comfort in your home or business is greatly improved. The films we offer have exceptional solar performance.

Solar films are available in a variety of soft designer shades and neutral hues that are perfect improvements to any space. There is a common misconception that tinting windows will make the glass surface appear dark. There are many shades of UV blocking window films; clear, gray, bronze and reflective, some of which are light and barely visible while others have a slight hue change. Please view our gallery page for examples of the slight change in window color. View is one of the most important things to many of our customers, these solar films are not view obstructing films. Regardless of size; commercial window tinting or residential window tinting, we work with you, your designer and architect or facilities manager to find the right solution for your project.

Panorama designer films are available in a wide array of choices; Dual-reflective, Spectrally Selective films in the Sterling line and the Hilite 70; to our security line SA4, SA8 and full Armorcoat series, and the complete Solargard line. Dual-Reflective Films are used in many circumstances to reduce glare and heat. Dual-reflective means the film has a low black shine on the interior, but reflects the sun away on the exterior. They come in varying degrees of benefit. Depending upon what you need, we help you choose a film that fits the specific issue.

If you need view control, there is a specialty design film for that specific situation. Specialty films can be used to solve a myriad of problems such as: concealng construction materials, room dividers, or black out a window altogether. We offer many different solutions for many different concerns: solar control, security films, designer decorative films, anti-graffiti film.